Guns, Guts & Glory

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Guns Guts & Glory is a local multiplayer brawler that pits up to 4 friends against each other in chaotic and intense battles on a dynamically changing arena.

We worked in Unity 5 and had 7 weeks to finish this project. My role in the team was creating all rigs and animations for the game.



I made all animaBlood_Effectstions as well as the rig (and skinning) in Maya 2017.

I created separate attack animations for all weapons (axe, hammer, spear, sword and armcannon, weapon throw) and run animations for four directions. I also animated and posed the character for entering the stage and character selection stage.

It was a fun project and I got to learn a lot about implementing animations and setting up blend trees  and state machines in Unity 5.

GGG - poses


Knock it off!

Knock it off! is a VR game where your mission is to defend the cooking pot from bad ingredients by knocking them off a treadmill. Throw balls and grenades to protect your cooking pot, or use plastic fantastic ball gun! Listen to the music to get a head start on changes in the game.


During this 4 week project I rigged and animated the mascot who was running around the scene distracting the player.

The interesting part was to work for VR, since I’ve never done that before. I also got more of a leading role during the project which was a new and great experience.



Super Bash Goats

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Super Bash Goats is a local multiplayer brawler game, where you play as goats in a mountainous landscape. Make a bloody mess by bashing your friends into rocks, to be the last goat standing!

Development started as a 2-week school project and continued as a side project. It is now released for free download on!

During this project I made the goat, some particles and part of the foliage in the scene. SuperBashGoats-Particles


Gorillaz Fanart Scene and Characters

Work in progress!